The $25,000 HomeBuilder grant is available to eligible buyers and properties, in an effort to stimulate our otherwise cautious property market. Read More

Jul 2, 2020 Ouwens Casserly

Announced yesterday, the federal government has unveiled a massive stimulus package to support new home construction across Australia. Read More

Jun 5, 2020 Ouwens Casserly

Reaching a pre-sales target to get a new project off the ground is always a challenge and can often take time. So how do we incentivise buyers to be early movers in a new development? Read More

Mar 13, 2020 Ouwens Casserly

Knowing your target market seems like an obvious point when developing; so you may have considered WHO your buyers are likely to be, but have you considered WHEN they will purchase? Read More

Feb 13, 2020 Ouwens Casserly

2019 is now well and truly in our rear-view mirror. Looking back at the year that was, we’ve identified 5 key trends that were a massive focus in the new build space and are likely to continue into 2020. Read More

Jan 9, 2020 Ouwens Casserly

The use of Social Media has been designed to extend your internet presence far beyond traditional marketing. Read More

Dec 9, 2019 Ouwens Casserly

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