Your love for beautiful plants should not suffer just because you live in an apartment. There are plenty of ways to include plants both in your apartment and on your balcony. Read More

Jun 19, 2019 Ouwens Casserly

The one obvious thing that you will miss when moving to an apartment is a big garden or even a small one for that matter. Read More

May 17, 2019 Ouwens Casserly

Missing all that space you had in your large home now that you are living in an apartment? Just because you have moved into a smaller home does not mean you cannot create a beautiful spacious area in your new apartment. Read More

Apr 15, 2019 Ouwens Casserly

You’ve found the perfect dream home or investment buy and you’re ready to take the plunge. But before you do, take a minute to make sure you understand what land division you’re buying and the difference between Torrens Title, Community Title and Strata ... Read More

Mar 29, 2019 Ouwens Casserly

So you’ve done your homework, you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of buying an older home, buying land and building, or buying a house and land package, and settled on the latter. Now what do you do and where do you start? Read More

Feb 12, 2019 Ouwens Casserly

No matter how many properties you own - if you’re buying your first home or have an established portfolio - savvy buyers are always looking for incentives to help make their money go further. Read More

Jan 12, 2019 Ouwens Casserly

House and land packages offer you a great benefit - a simple, straightforward option to help you towards home ownership. Read More

Dec 14, 2018 Rob Mitchell

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