OC Projects Award Winning Digital Marketing

Our award-winning digital marketing team fuels our agents’ efforts by providing a comprehensive resource for your project exposure.

With so many projects on the market, how can you be sure your development will stand out?

Led by real estate marketing experts, the OC Projects team is recognised for its ability to develop strategic and highly practical plans for the efficient marketing sale of projects throughout Adelaide.

Project evaluation begins online, so when it comes to project real estate marketing, we’re ahead of the opposition.

The importance of quality photography and videography is high but further brought to life by content writers providing crucial detailed information to prospects.

We build engaging content that creates the online trust for your prospects. Then using our sales experience and digital nurturing we successful get deals faster for you.

The modern world requires digital experts. We deploy globally recognised digital marketing experts to maximise your marketing investment. Powered by Facebook and Google, we drive more leads to your sales funnel, for less cost, with better conversion rates.

Recently awarded gold for Project Marketing Developments by the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, OC Projects only choose the best projects from the most reputable Adelaide real estate developers. As leaders in Adelaide real estate, combined with our substantial development vetting process it means we bring the best to you.

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