How to add a thriving vertical garden to your luxury apartment

The one obvious thing that you will miss about living in an apartment is a big garden or even a small one for that matter.

Australians are so used to having gardens to potter around in, grow plants and flowers, harvest vegetables and fruits and beautify with eclectic garden décor, while creating a memorable outdoor spaces.

Are you considering downsizing, but would still like a garden?

Downsizing from your family home to an apartment need not a complete change of your lifestyle.

An apartment lifestyle has many advantages. Particularly as Adelaide is experiencing a surge in off-the-plan apartment developments. These new real estate projects 

Buying an Adelaide apartment is a real estate challenge, and a lifestyle change, but you can still keep your garden.

How do you keep your garden if you are downsizing to an apartment?- By creating a vertical garden.

Vertical gardens have evolved significantly in the 21st century since the famous hanging Gardens of Babylon in 209 BC, allowing apartment owners to grow beautiful plants and flowers, and even vegetables in the space that they have.

All you need is a blank wall, a fence or a bit of horizontal space.

Vertical gardens are extremely versatile and can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.

It just depends on whether you want to create a great vegetative display on the living room wall or a beautiful outdoor space in your balcony.

All this is possible with modular planting and smart-water systems, hanging planters, decorative accessories and a whole lot of imagination.

But if gardening is your passion- then creating a spectacular vertical garden will come easily to you.

You can also get help from the professionals who provide you with vertical garden systems and complete gardening services. Find your inspiration online on Pinterest, leaf through home and gardening magazines or contact a professional landscape and garden designer to get the look that you are after.

Stack up bright-coloured planter boxes on a neutral coloured board and grow tropical bromeliads adding a touch of nature and colour to this wall garden or create a living wall of leaves with a profusion of leafy varieties creating a focal point in your apartment – indoors or outdoors.

How to add a thriving garden in your apartment

Create an outdoor area for sitting, enjoying meals and just lounging if you like or bring your vertical garden indoors for the soothing calm that being surrounded by greenery always brings.

You really don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy a vertical garden.

If all you want is a bustling garden which is a visual delight without the hassle of maintaining it with too much effort then vertical gardens can easily be created to do just that.

Vertical gardens can be effortlessly scaled to fit in the area available with many gardens being portable making it easy for you to move things around. This means that you can move plants around during winter season if need be.


Off-the-plan apartment buying means you can start planning your vertical garden today.

Although, you can grow all sorts of plants in vertical gardens - from edibles, annuals to even perennial plants. But it’s best to work with professionals who can offer you advice on the type of plants to grow which will give you a stunning display of textures, fillers and eye-catching colours.

Another great thing about vertical gardens is that it improves the air quality and provides a buffer from outside sounds besides adding to the value of your apartment.

Small spaces may provide a challenge but vertical gardens give you the opportunity to create beautiful living spaces that exude charm and luxury.

Are you looking for an Adelaide apartment home? Considering downsizing your real estate options?

Would you like to chat to a property development expert about what you can do to move into a brand new off-the-plan apartment?

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